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Success always starts with an MVP: a Minimum Viable Plan, yet most people don't have a specific roadmap that has been validated before they start taking action. They want something, but have no idea what steps to take to get there (promotion, investors, customers, etc.).chart
And it's hard to find other people who "get it", so we created the Tech Leaders Community as an international network of software engineers, architects, consultants, founders, and Fractional and full-time CTOs designing and executing on our leadership and entrepreneurship plans to go further faster, together.
And we want you to join us! Even if you're not quite sure what your next career chapter is, we'll help you figure it out. Then, we'll help you crawl, walk, and run towards your mission.
Membership Includes:
  • Strategy Session to help get clear on your Minimum Viable Plan

  • Weekly Office Hours to validate and get feedback on your MVP as you work on it

  • Playbooks, Frameworks and Coaching to help design and execute your MVP faster

  • Proximity to experienced people to learn what works (and what doesn't) from like-minded Tech Leaders around the world

We've De-Risked Your Commitment So You Can Validate Your Plan Sooner

Join us for free for 30 days β€” pay only $49/month for as long as you stay.

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What we offer

Why you should join the Tech Leaders Community

30-day MVP Sprint: We'll help you design a plan with the exact steps to take to achieve your next career goal

Weekly Office Hours to help you "see around corners" and learn about unknown unknowns

Get feedback on your MVP from others in the community who are focused on the same goals

Answers to the Un-askable Questions: we discuss and advise on all the stuff you can't talk to your bosses or peers about

Network with peers around the world to discover how they're getting ahead in their careers and businesses

Dozens of frameworks and playbooks to improve your leadership and entrepreneurship skills

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